Work-Family Balance

“In a study the question “Do you have any regrets?” was asked to millionaires and high ranking executives who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Without fail the number one regret was that they didn’t spend more time with family. When asked their greatest joy, the answer was, “my family.” Read more.

My wife and I have been engaged in a discussion about the work-family balance for some time. Admittedly, I think I’m a borderline workaholic but I’m also responding to the obligation of a man to provide for, and take care of family. On my wife’s part, being a SAHM started off GREAT but soon turned into drudgery, monotony and unfulfilling obligations. We’ve coined this part of marriage “auto-marriage”.

Often, within these phases of being on autopilot, more important aspects of our adult marriages get postponed or set aside in favor of doing what we think are the things that have to be done. The obligations often override other needs that, as it turns out, are very important for healthy people to maintain healthy marriages.

In our case, for a long time increasing wealth on my part and protecting our children from harm trumped giving my wife a break from her “job” which, as it turned out, was just as stressful, if not more, than my jobs outside of the home. We both realized that we were overburdened and that we weren’t using our 336 weekly hours effectively for the health of the entire family unit. To be continued…


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