Bath Salt Outperforms Meth

“Bath salts, the synthetic drug made infamous by incidents of psychotic “zombie” attacks, is more potent and potentially addictive than methamphetamine, a study has found…The study, published online Wednesday ahead of the August print edition of Neuropharmocology represents the most extensive examination to date of the effects of 3,4 methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV. The drug, marketed as “bath salts” and other names, is the latest generation of designer stimulants to hit the U.S. markets.”

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Choice or Disease?

“To call addiction a disease requires some explanation. Taking that first drink or smoking marijuana for the first time is clearly a choice. Developing an addiction (and hence “catching” this disease) is thus linked with choices or behaviors. Teasing apart the choice from the disease seems a little tricky at first glance.” Read more here.

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Youth & Early Drinking

“Research shows that the earlier the age at which youth take their first alcoholic drink, the greater the risk of developing alcohol problems. Thus, age at first drink (AFD) is generally considered a powerful predictor of progression to alcohol-related harm. A new study shows that individuals who have their first drink during puberty subsequently have higher drinking levels than do individuals with a post-pubertal drinking onset.” More below.

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Are You An Addict?

“The tabloids and reality TV shows documenting the erratic, out-of-control behaviors associated with drinking and drugging may be giving us a skewed image of what constitutes addiction. You don’t have to off-road into a Beverly Hills boutique or engage in raging encounters to qualify as being an addict. Understanding whether you may have an addiction involves asking yourself certain questions. Do you look forward to that glass of wine every evening? Does having that cigarette calm you down when you are stressed? Does that rich dessert leave you feeling full and soothed? Do sexual fantasies offer you an escape from the unsatisfying reality of your life? If your answer is “yes,” you may be addicted.” Continued…

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