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Where is my Brady Bunch?

Whether you’re married or single and dating, chances are, if you’re at least 25 or above, you most likely find yourself in a blended family or are heading down that perilous road, especially since so many of us tend to place less and less emphasis on birthing children in healthy marriages.

As a child I enjoyed watching the Brady Bunch but had no clue what the show was really about. As an adult revisiting many episodes makes me very perturbed. What was dating like before they got married? How did Mike and Carol meet and what do you suppose their responses were to each of them having three children from prior relationships? None of the episodes ever really touch on this, after all, it’s TV and TV isn’t supposed to be real right? ABC actually refused to allow any past history about Carol’s marriage to be included in the show. So…somebody somewhere felt this lifestyle wasn’t ever going to become a living reality for thousands of people.

If you’re like us, you too may do a dance with how to accommodate your spouse’s/partner’s children and the parents whom those children spring from. Here is a quick snippet about how to navigate through the perils of the blended family so many of us are faced with.

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